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May 23, 2020
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Making Dough For Dough: A Bake Sale Fundraiser at Its Best

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Baking has always been a popular past-time for many people. They enjoy doing it, while others enjoy eating it. But there's no reason that baking can't become a quick way to make some money as well. A bake-sale has become one of the more popular ways to fund raise in churches and schools during recent years.

Now there are some points you always have to remember when doing something for a bake-sale. Firstly, you have to understand that a bake-sale is to earn money. This doesn't mean you can't have fun. However, it does mean you need to find recipes that are relatively cheap and easy to make large batches of.

Secondly, you must prepare extras so that it can last the length of the bake-sale. Of course depending on how long the sale is, you'll need to find things that can either be re-heated or taste good cold. Also it must maintain an allure of freshness despite being made the day before or perhaps even two days ago. And Lastly, they must be both pleasing to the eye and their wallet. This ties back into the first criteria which is that the materials must be cheap, so you can sell it at a good mark up.

So how can we accomplish these tasks. Well, its pretty simple if we look at it from the consumers' point of view. We must first look at who is most likely to purchase at the bake-sale. If it were a school sale and children were most likely to be your customers, then things that are large and colourful would most likely be popular. Recipes like cookies with M&M's or chocolate chunk muffins would appease their already in-place notion that it will be delicious, not to mention fun to eat. This makes the items sell much quicker and easier.

However, if this was a church bake-sale adults would most probably be your customers. Although you can still make M&M cookies or chocolate muffins, it would be more prudent for you to consider relatively "healthier" alternatives. Recipes like banana cake or carrot muffin would be a sure win at the sale. Of course with a bake-sale targeting adults you would have to watch your pricing a little bit more. You might find more bargain hunters, though usually your audience should understand that your are doing this for a good cause - so never underestimate the power of a sign to communicate your intentions for the bake sale!

Of course, there are a million other things you can do. Depending on the time of the day, you can change the style of the bake-sale altogether. If it were a lunch time sale, why not try mushroom quiche? Or perhaps you can maybe even shepherd's pie. Although these sort of food would have to be hot at the time of selling, they would be a much better choice than pumpkin pie when people want a proper lunch. In the end, there are many things you can try. Of course besides for making a little dough for your dough, you can always have a little fun with it too.


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