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June 3, 2020
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Making Homemade Food For Babies!

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Homemade baby food is definitely gaining in popularity! I have been baby sitting my niece for almost a month and have fallen so hopelessly in love with her. But when you take care of a six month old baby the biggest concern is the baby food. I resorted to homemade baby food not only because it worked out cheaper but because I became more confident about what I fed her. There are many good reasons for you guys to resort to cooking food for your babies:

1. You can customize the baby food according to your babies food intolerance and sensitivity and also your diet plans for the child!

2. Home made baby food can be more diverse and less monotonous than packaged baby food. You can also expose your child to a selected taste palette and then expand this in time.

3. The quality and hygiene of the baby food is guaranteed

4. With recession still being a cause of concern, it is great if you can save some money!

It is easy and you get to know your babies taste! Just imagine the amount of love you can put into the baby food! :-)!

Now when I make homemade baby food for my little niece, I follow a set of do's and dont's that determine the quality of the food.
a. Remember to consult your baby's pediatrician prior to the introduction of any new food for your baby.

b. Also, when you introduce a new food make sure that you give your baby only that for four days, so that you can detect any allergic reactions, if any. Never, never introduce more than one food at a time!

c. Last but not the least, always, always, use clean utensils for making baby food. It is advisable to clean these utensils in boiling water daily!

Ryan Morgan, the chief executive chef of the Art and Soul restaurant in Capitol Hill hotel is one of those fathers who love cooking for his three month old daughter. Lucky girl, wouldn't you say!! Recently Ryan had held an exciting class on preparing homemade baby food and baby food recipes in Capitol Hill. He also talked about what foods to avoid and what to include. If you want to know more about how to build a healthy diet for your baby maybe you should check in for the next classes in June! After all what the chef serves will be the best and what else do you want but the best for your little toddler?


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