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July 7, 2020
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Making the Perfect Brown Bag Lunch

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Brown bag lunches today are not your mothers lunch packing job. For kids, brown bag lunches have gone all modern and flashy. When you offer a brown bag lunch to your kids or other members of the family, here are some essentials to have on hand.1.The packaging is part of the presentation. Whether you use a brown paper bag or a lunch box, express your own style. A brown paper bag can be decorated with stickers or unique drawings if you are gifted with the talent. Lunch boxes used to be metal and covered with super heroes. Now they are insulated and look like purses or a small camping bag. The lunch bag should fit the style of the carrier. 2.Dont forget the refrigeration. Many offices have refrigerators for their employees. A brown bag lunch can stay in the brown bag when the lunch can be kept cold. It becomes harder to stick with the traditional packaging if you are in school or somewhere that a refrigerator is not accessible. In this case, bring a cold pack to do the job. For any cold pack, store it in the freezer in a leak proof plastic bag. When the cold pack begins to melt, the food is protected from contamination from the pack if it should get punctured. Cold packs are good for several hours each day.3.Containers prevent cross contamination. Each school child had opened their lunch once and seen a sandwich all soggy with the pink tint of a drink that has opened up. Containers prevent that. Lots of lunch bags come with their own containers that expressly fit in that bag. For ones that do not, buy various sizes of containers with tight fitting lids so even if the lunch bag turns over nothing will be disturbed.4.Add a note of love. This doesnt just work for kids but adults as well. Opening lunch and finding an encouraging word or two from someone who loves you can make the difference between a good day and a bad day getting worse. Dont worry about kids getting embarrassed. Eventually, their friends will begin looking for notes in their lunches too.What is essential to complete your brown bag lunch? It could be plastic ware, napkins, or condiments. If the lunch bag has an extra compartment, keep a set of silverware, extra condiments, and wet naps in there for weekly lunch use. Be prepared and you wont be caught without what you need at lunchtime.


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