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April 20, 2020
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220 Volt Refrigerator - Stocking Frozen Food Products in Low Power Consumption

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An old refrigerator will require more energy and power to run, making it one of the causes of high electric bills each month. It might not keep your food cold and frozen properly, resulting in frequent spoilage. If you want to save money and cut your electricity costs, you are better off buying a new refrigerator that is more energy efficient and will help lower your monthly power consumption. One of the types of refrigerators you should consider is the 220 volt fridge. Many brands and models of 220 volt refrigerators can efficiently help you stock frozen food products for a longer period of time while ensuring superb energy efficiency and better power consumption in the long run.

When shopping for a 220 volt refrigerator, make sure that it is offered by a leading and reputable store that is known for carrying high-quality branded household electronic equipment and appliances. Some online stores can meet and beat the price of their competition, so you can be sure to buy a 220 volt refrigerator at the best price, while enjoying a hassle-free shopping experience regardless of which brand you choose, like Sharp, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Samsung, and Frigidaire.

Refrigerators are typically rated according to energy efficiency standards. Look for an EU energy label, which will indicate grades like A (the best) and G (the worst) in terms of energy use. The scale can go beyond A to A++ for freezers and refrigerators. The best 220 volt refrigerators bear the blue logo that states, 'Energy Saving Recommended'. This means that they meet the strict government and Energy Saving Trust criteria for energy savings. But beyond the ratings, you should consider the size fridge, too. EU ratings are often based on energy consumption per cubic foot or liter of storage. Hence, while an A-rated refrigerator that is large may be more energy efficient, it may consume a higher amount of electricity compared to a small B-rated fridge.

You can buy a small 220 volt refrigerator if you want something that is cheaper to run, but to be sure that you can get the best value for your money, examine the annual consumption figure expressed in kWh on the energy label. The lower the number, the more economical your fridge will be. Of course, energy efficiency can be further achieved with some actions, too. For instance, make sure that there is at least 10cm of space between the 220 volt fridge and the wall. This way, the coils behind the fridge can work efficiently. Moreover, be sure to keep the coils dust-free by vacuuming them every two to three months after unplugging the fridge. For more energy savings, keep the temperature between three and five degrees Celsius, and your freezer should be at -18 degrees Celsius.


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